Getting creative part III

>Continuing our theme on how to get those creative juices going!

First… here’s a quick question:
Have you ever found yourself feeling threatened by another person’s creativity? Be honest now…

If the answer is ‘no, never’ I probably won’t believe you.
Why? Because this awful feeling happens to the best of us. Take me, I’m a graphic designer, and quite often I’d create a masterpiece, only to have it completely taken to the cleaners by the rest of the team. (Change this, change that, move that over.) What to do? How do you stop feeling totally rejected?

In situations such as these, here is something which I’ve found to work everytime. Caution: it sounds simple – but may be the hardest thing to practise.

Serve creativity, don’t expect it to serve you.
Senario: Say that someone comes along and produces something which totally overshadows your own work. It’s all too easy to dry up yourself. Or perhaps someone else takes over your work (which you’ve done all the groundwork for) and transforms it into something completely different from what you intended – and takes all the credit. It’s enough to make you lose your creative thread completely.

At times like these it’s vitally important that you trust in the abundance of the creative principle. Recognise that it is your creativity is being expressed by the other person. They are your talent. Because like attracts like.

Recognise that it’s your relationship to your own creative nature that is being expressed here. Treat it as you would a relationship with a dear friend. Trust her. (or him) If she stops talking to you, give her a gift… How? In the form of trust. Trust the process. Stop. Believe in her absolute abundance and realise that something else, something bigger, and more fabulous is just waiting for you around the corner.

Importantly… you must know that the nature of creativity is to product something which has never existed before – and that’s why you feel lost. Because you are facing the unknown. NOT because you’ve lost your creativity. Does this make sense? The person who has just made you dry up is your vehicle, NOT your obstacle.

Your creative nature has put that person here to be a stepping stone, for you. It’s up to you what you do with it.